DOG WALKING in Tooting, Balham & Clapham

Exercise is vital to your dog’s health and happiness!

Walking also offers them a chance to play, socialise and explore new sights and smells. This is especially important if you are out at work and your dog is left for the whole day.

Dogs are walked in small friendly groups, and there are usually two of us on the walk. We try and match dogs to their energy levels and size, eg. puppies are walked with other puppies.

We make sure that our walks are safe and enjoyable for every pack member.

Mucky Paws Pet Care always carry water and travel water bowls in the car, so your dog can have a drink whilst out and about with us. We also carry treats for those lucky dogs that are allowed them!

We offer a free consultation to determine exactly what type of walk your dog needs. We always respect your decisions and dogs will be kept on leads at all times unless you are happy for them to be let off in appropriate places.

We are fully insured, Wandsworth Council licensed and come with glowing references. At your initial interview we will bring along our registration pack with booking forms, terms and conditions and an ‘off the lead’ form for you to sign.

Ready to book a fun dog walk for your pup?